Since 2005, Hezi Hai, and his Architecture and Urban Planner’s office have been members of the Urban Planner’s Union. The office provides quality design services in the architecutural and urban planning fields.


Hezi Hai, the office director and owner, has an MA degree in urban planning from Hebrew University plus a practical engineering degree in architecture. He is listed in the practical engineer registry. Hezi’s comprehensive education and considerable experience in the field grant him a wide perspective for the actual planning of buildings and enable him to successfully combine urban planning and architecture.


Urban planning includes the ability to design the enlargment of existing buildings or changing land use and building size. Hezi’s philosophy is to use his combined knowledge to provide clients with a high level of service without compromising quality. Because every client is important, the office grants each and every client the time it needs regardless of business size. The uniqueness of the office is expressed in its ability to find original and individual design solutions for every project, placing the client and his needs at the center, while strictly maintaining the time table, carrying out the work on a high level and keeping within the budget. The combination of high quality personnel and their extensive experience enables the provision of professional treatment and personal attention to every client.


Included among the many different tasks carried out by the office are the planning of changes for buildings for preservation. This planning includes coordination with governmental preservation and planning offices on all the topics necessary for successful preservation and rebuilding.


A special emphasis is placed on the integration of these buildings into neighborhoods through the use of architetural elements and finishing materials that are appropriate for the area and the neighborhood. 3-D models are used in the planning as they enable clients to see just how their buildings will look.


The office offers a wide variety of services within the architectural and urban planning fields:


     Presentation of professional opinions and building plan reviews for potential buildings and land use

     Planning and carrying out building preservations

     Preparation of urban building plans

     Attaining building permits

     Preparation of workplans and supervision during building

     Earthquake consultations and planning to meet earthquake standards (Tama 38)


Contact Information: Tel. 02-622 1935, Cel. 054-4622061,

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